Here's the fact. For every four skilled craft professionals working in Charlotte's construction industry nearing retirement, there is one entering.


Do the math. In one of the fastest-growing cities in the country—the #1 city attracting Millennials—where cranes are as prominent on the skyline as the buildings around them, the number of skilled craft professionals—the engine that drives the growth, success and profit—dwindles. The construction industry needs them.


But there is more. Much more. In 2013, a Harvard University/UC Berkeley study ranked Charlotte 50th out of 50 in economic upward mobility among the largest U.S. cities—specifically the inability of a child born in the bottom income 20% to rise to the top income 20% as an adult. The young people of our community need a career path.

Hurdles exist, the biggest being most schools no longer operate robust career and technical educational programs, especially high-poverty schools having the largest population of students who could benefit.

There has to be an answer. There is an answer. Charlotte needs to Rebuild Opportunities in Construction. Charlotte needs The ROC.