A New CTE Program for Select High School Juniors

Today’s construction industry is facing serious problems in finding skilled craftsmen. Currently only 1 skilled craftsman is entering the construction industry for every 4 that leave the workforce. To say there is a shortage of talented workers is an understatement. Thousands of high-paying jobs are not being filled. To add to the problem, most high school districts no longer operate robust career and technical educational programs. The ROC is changing all of that….we are Rebuilding Opportunities in Construction.

The ROC is a nonprofit ministry whose mission is to recruit, educate and mentor high school students in Charlotte, North Carolina for Career and Technical Education (CTE) and employment opportunities in the construction industry. We are located directly across the street from Phillip O. Berry in a Goodwill Industries facility which has been retrofitted to state of the art “smart” CTE training labs and classrooms. The ROC Youth Apprenticeship provides a new huge opportunity for highly selected* high school juniors to:

  1. Earn college credits through Central Piedmont Community College (CPCC)

  2. Obtain valuable construction certifications in Advanced Carpentry, Electrical, HVAC Installation and Architecture

  3. Enjoy a paid summer internship between junior and senior year

  4. Learn directly from an individual professional mentor from local construction firms

  5. Compete in regional, state and national SkillsUSA CTE competitions

  6. Take field trips and work on projects that tie into classroom curriculum and simulate “real-life” building industry situations

This means a student may have only one year remaining to complete an Associates Degree from CPCC. Each apprentice may also qualify for CPCC’s full Opportunity Scholarship offered to minority students at Harding, West Charlotte, West Meck and Garinger. CPCC is considered one of the best community colleges in the country and is an attractive feeder school to other North Carolina Universities.

Graduating seniors can start work directly out of high school with CPCC certifications earning over $20 per hour as a Level 1 apprentice. That’s over $40,000 per year plus benefits! Each step forward in The ROC program results in college credits, CTE certifications, paid internships and/or full time job placement all with the ability to step off anytime. This affords a student to enjoy a lucrative career path that does not accrue massive amounts of student loans.
Gain critical skills to build America’s infrastructure of tomorrow.

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For Generation Z, the value of a construction career is a no-brainer.


High-Paying Skilled Craft Jobs Sit Empty, While High School Grads Line Up For University

A ROC youth apprentice may be able to complete close to one year of college credits depending on the track chosen.

Darren Ash
Executive Director
Email: dash@roccharlotte.org
M: 704-651-0137

Spencer Monroe
Teacher, CTE Construction Crafts
West Mecklenburg High School
7400 Tuckaseegee Road
Charlotte, NC 28214
M: 704-575-9049

Margaret Thornton
Associate Director/CTE Coordinator
Email: mthornton@roccharlotte.org
M: 980-339-6909

Kelvin T. Rattley, MA, NBCT
Academy Coordinator
Harding University High School Institute of Technology
2001 Alleghany Street
Charlotte, NC 28208
C: 980-533-1149 | M: 980-343-6007

*Potential ROC participants are selected based on NC Career & College Pathway criteria: Weighted GPA of 3.0, demonstrated college readiness on placement tests (i.e. ACT) and / or recommendation of high school principal.